Sunday, May 27, 2018

Leaving The Nest

leaving the nest 2016  Judy Martin  cold wax and oil on wood panel 
SOLD  through Perivale Gallery
Manitoulin Island Ontario
The gallery is open on weekends until June 20
The gallery is open daily through Labour Day  10 am - 5 pm
705 377 4847  or 705 210 0290
Gallerist:  Shannon McMullan

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Perivale Gallery Opens for 2018 season on Sunday May 20

I Will Always Carry You      a Love Meditation
silk and hand stitch, mounted on linen  19 inches square (framed)
Your Vulnerability Connects You To The Rest of our Suffering World    a love meditation
Antique silk that is shattering, hand stitched, mounted on linen  19 inches square (framed)

Four Love Meditations and Two oil paintings will be part of the Opening Exhibition of the Perivale Gallery this May 20 at 1 pm until 6 pm
Live Link to the gallery begins at 7 am in the morning   here

Perivale Gallery
1320 Perivale Road
Spring Bay Manitoulin Island
P0B 2B0
705 377 4847
705 210 0290

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Abstract and Geometric Exhibition at Quilt Festival in Chicago

Mended World , by Judy Martin and Community
is part of the exhibition Masterworks: Abstract and Geometric
curated by Martha Sielman
This exhibition was at the International Quilt Festival: Chicago Illinois
Donaled E Stephens Convention Centre
April 12 - 14 2018
The exhibition premiered at Quilt Festival Houston in November 2017.  (visible in left central corner)
Judy Martin speaks about the making of Mended World as part of the Manitoulin Circle Project 2009 - 2913.  Click here to see the full quilt and to hear Judy.

The next venue for this exhibition is Tokyo in October 2018

Friday, March 16, 2018

Quiet Stillness

Sold yesterday.

Quiet Stillness
Wool and Silk, hand stitched

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Stitched Diaries: A conversation With artist Judy Martin

a few of Judy Martin's journals
Vassar University student Grace Gregory interviewed Judy Martin in 2017.
Grace was enrolled in a class taught by Lisa Collins entitled Exquisite Intimacy, Quilts, Quilters and Quiltmaking and was fulfilling an assignment.

Here is the audio skype interview.  Stitched Diaries:   A Conversation With Artist Judy Martin
The stitch journal, Not To Know But To Go ON - every day, one complete skein of embroidery floss for 3 years. 
July 2010 until July 2013.

Illustrations of Judy's work in journals and quilts are included along with Grace's intelligent questions.  The video is 26 minutes and there are some gaps...just be patient.   The conversation is quite beautiful.
2015 journal
Illustrations on the video are taken from Judy's blog.  

Sunday, February 04, 2018

Soft Summer Gone at Riffe Gallery in Ohio, the Quilt National 17 tour

Soft Summer Gone, plant dyed silk quilt, hand quilted with embroidery stitches, 100 inches by 100 inches, winner of two awards for surface design at Quilt National 2017.
Jane Forrest Redfern (director of the Dairy Barn art gallery in Athens Ohio, host of Quilt National) spoke about the quilts in the exhibition at the opening on January 25, 2018.  Soft Summer Gone appears at approximately the 32 minute mark of this 45 minute video.    Jane said that it reminded her of a chenille quilt from her childhood.  She remarked that it was hand stitched in a hoop.
Quilt National 17 is on exhibit at The Ohio Art Council's Riffe Gallery until April 14, 2018. 

Saturday, January 13, 2018

quiet zone 2 exhibition , world of threads 2016 review

Dawne Rudman, co-founder and co-curator of the World of Threads Festival in Oakville Ontario, included Lake by Judy Martin in recent review of Quiet Zone 2 from the 2016 festival.  Image by Gareth Bates co-curator above, text by Dawne, below.   

Judy Martin of Maniotulin Island Ontario, Canada, has participated in Festival 2009  Common Thread exhibit, Festival 2012: Continuum exhibit and Quiet Zone, Festival 2014  Solo Shows and Installations exhibitions and Festival 2016: Quiet Zone 2 exhibit.  

Lake is a hand stitched quilt made from re-purposed linen damask and hemp-silk dyed with indigo.

To read more about Judy Martin, take a look at our Artist Interview with her at this link.

Judy:    My practice relies on a vocabulary of archetypal shape and the resonance and repetition found in poetry and music.  I work slowly and in solitude, allowing the pieces to evolve and change through processes of destruction and re-creation.  Most importantly, the work is grounded by the phenomenological idea that the sense of touch is the most effective way to connect emotionally with others.